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Home Improvement Company Lead Generation

Canton Aluminum

When Canton Aluminum wanted to increase online leads, the local home improvement company knew it could count on TKG to get results.

Canton Aluminum approached TKG in 2006 to improve its existing website, and in 2014, decided it was time for a complete website overhaul.

TKG delivered a brand new, responsive website design with integrated contact forms and prominent lead-generating callouts. Our team filled out the new site with optimized, engaging content and unique phone tracking to report on phone-generated revenue.

The Results

Results calculated year over year, comparing Q1 and Q2, 2014 to Q1 and Q2, 2015:

  • 21 percent organic traffic growth
  • 74 percent Facebook audience growth
  • 53 percent of visitors are organic

We continue to support Canton Aluminum in its online marketing efforts and expect to see continued growth and success.

Interested in achieving similar results for your business? Contact TKG to request a quote today.

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