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Hilary Vazquez

online marketing specialist

Hilary grew up in Hartville, where everyone knows your name. She is not a “Clinton” and has no relations to that other Hillary, we promise. She enjoys being outside with the dog and her daughter Mable. Countless of hours have been spent under a large leafy tree on a swing in her backyard. She enjoys conversation and can always appreciate a good sense of humor! She’s also fluent in sarcasm… Expert level to be exact.


When not at work Hilary's life revolves around:

  • Her sweet & sassy daughter Mable Marie.
  • Her husband Lito! 
  • Her twin sister Heather and nephew Easton.
  • IPhone Photography (find me on Instagram!)
  • Coed/Women's Softball

Little known facts:

  • She loves tattoos.
  • Loves to give Geoff Karcher a hard time about everything.
  • Obsessed with vacuuming her house almost everyday.
  • Mable is referred to as the "Facebook Baby"

Skills & Expertise:

  • SEO
  • Web Marketing
  • Comic Relief - chances are she has something to say that will crack you right up

Where Hilary has Gained Experience:

Her industy knowledge has grown significantly since the start of her career here at TKG in 2012.  She has made it her mission and passion to know and understand how the business operates as a whole. Proving as much, she has made the choice to join the Web Marketing team and take off on her new career path with the TKG family!

Favorite Places on the Web:

People First. Digital Always.
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  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
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