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Data Protection

Do you have a backup plan for your data?

If your IT infrastructure were to suddenly go down due to theft or natural disaster, would you have a data backup and recovery strategy? TKG offers complete data recovery and protection programs for small to mid-size companies in Northeast Ohio, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of major data loss. 

Reasons to protect your data off-site:

  • If your office were destroyed, on-site backup wouldn't be enough to save your information and infrastructure
  • On-site risks including software and network application failures could jeopardize your data
  • 70 percent of businesses fail after experiencing a major data loss
  • Tape backups and hard drives are not reliable backup solutions

Benefits of off-site data protection:

  • Keeps your digital life safe
  • Offers remote access to files via the web or mobile device
  • Protects multiple PCs with one account
  • Offers easy recovery from any machine
  • Allows you to share your backed up files with friends and colleagues

Without access to your data, you wouldn't be able to process orders, contact your customers or work with your vendors, and getting new leads and sales would be nearly impossible. How long would you be able to put things on hold? Could your business recover? 

Don’t wait to find out. Contact us today to determine a data protection plan that meets your needs. 

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