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Dan Hall

senior web application developer

Give Dan the biggest project you can think of, and he'll tell you it will take a lifetime but then have it done ten minutes later. He's also the part of our group that makes the sites work behind the scenes. He's the master programmer behind projects like Apoxe (our content management system) and he seems to enjoy it sounds crazy, but it's true.

 Basically, Dan's tasks involve developing the back end portion of projects that allow you to maintain your Website (custom content management systems). He works on custom Web apps, content management systems and does the tougher programming. When he's not busy migrating databases, Dan also acts as backup support for our server administration and breaks in new programmers. Ouch!

When not at work, Dan's life revolves around:

  • His wife Rachel, daughters Sarah and Laura, and family
  • Computers
  • Astronomy
  • 80's rock and hair band music

Little Known Facts:

  • Dan was a Cedar Point ride operator for the Demon Drop and Power Tower
  • He wanted to be a stand up comedian when he grew up (he's still working on it!)
  • He consumes approximately 1 1/2 bags of Oreos a week, and is still 100 pounds soaking wet

Skills & Expertise:

  • PHP/MySQL Programming
  • VB.Net/C# SQL Server Programming
  • Javascript Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Translating Client Speak to Geek Speak
  • Finding the best DumDums flavors in the big jar at the front desk

Where he gained experience and knowledge:

Ashland University
Dan was a Computer Science major. He also worked as a Web developer for Internet Ohio, a PC repair technician and as help-desk support. When Dan talks, watch out - phrases like ASP, PHP, SQL, and .Net generally crop into the conversation.

Favorite Places on the Web:



I'm only putting this out here for trying to get spambots to harvest this email for a project I'm working on- don't bother emailng me here, I won't respond.     signup@apoxe.com

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