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Content Marketing Capabilities

We use the right voice to target the right audience via the right channels. Although we’ll dive into just about any content-related project with glee, we most often help our clients communicate with their audiences using these strategies:

Website copywriting – Sometimes your content needs are right in front of your face. Example - your company website that’s probably open on your computer monitor right now. If you’re not sure of a content strategy, we advise clients to start with their website. Well-written, persuasive copy adds legitimacy and professionalism to your website and helps increase conversions, too.

Blogging post creation and training – Whether you want us involved a little or a lot, we love helping businesses get their blogs in tip-top shape. Our services include blog post ideation sessions, in-house blog contributor training, all-out blog creation and management, and everything in between.

Email newsletters – Yes, email’s been around since forever, but here’s the thing: it still works. In fact, it works pretty darn awesomely. So, until email stops working, we’ll just keep crafting beautifully written email newsletters that get big results for our clients, like you.

Social media – Whether you want us to help brainstorm topical ideas, train you on the finer points of social media interaction, or actually write social media content libraries for you to use, we love social content and are here to help.

Infographics – Sometimes paragraphs of beautiful prose simply won’t work. That’s where infographics come in. They’re graphics that communicate with minimal words, and are great when 1) a visual is a better way to tell the story, and 2) complicated steps or facts and figures are involved. At TKG, we can handle the whole infographic process – from idea to implementation.

Article Writing – From how-to articles to “top 10 tips,” we can write well-researched and informed articles on your behalf that are engaging, easy to read, and get the reader ready to take action – whether that’s heading to your website, picking up the phone, or sharing the article via social.

Video – Video content marketing is an essential part of an overall content strategy. We’ll help you produce and market sharable video content that engages your audience and complements the written word. And a little not-so-secret secret? Search engines love video; we see it consistently rank well in search results.

There’s a content marketing strategy that’s right for every business. Contact us today to get started on a customized plan.

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