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Connor Clay

online marketing/content specialist

Connor is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University where he majored in Strategic Communication. He interned at TKG during the summer of 2015 & must've done something right because we decided to hire him on full-time. Connor's specialties are web writing, SEO and social media. 

He was born and raised in the Canton area and graduated from Jackson High School in 2011. He really enjoys Canton because even though it's a small city, it has a lot going on and is always growing. His passions include live music, sports and meeting interesting people (he picked the right place to work).

When not at work, Connor’s life revolves around:

  • The band Phish (He’s seen them 34 times and counting!)
  • Cheering on the Browns, Cavs, Indians and Buckeyes
  • His family (Tadd- father, Lee- mother, Cassidy- sister)
  • His friends (from Canton to Columbus to New York City and beyond)

Little known facts:

  • Connor considers himself a foodie (who doesn't?)
  • One of his tweets was picked up and published by multiple live music publications
  • He's colorblind
  • He's actually pretty cool

Skills & expertise:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Web writing
  • Communication

Where he gained his knowledge:

As stated above, Connor graduated from The Ohio State University with Strategic Communication degree. He interned at TKG during the summer of 2015 and learned all about online marketing. Now, Connor still learns something everyday here at TKG!

Favorite places on the web:


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