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Chellsea Mastroine

online marketing strategist

Chellsea grew up in Pittsburgh but doesn’t follow sports, so don’t bother asking. Prior to coming to live in Canton in 2008, she lived in Columbus for 10 years. She loves being a Canton transplant now (her husband’s family is from here) and finds the city to be filled with people who are truly vested in making it better. Chellsea has spent a great deal of time throughout her career writing press releases and doing traditional marketing. But she’s a results person so once she started dabbling in web marketing, she knew she found her niche. She tells people she enjoys cleaning her house because in the end she has something to show for it (yeah, we think that’s weird too).

When not at work, Chellsea’s life revolves around:

  • Husband Augie, son Gus and daughter Parker.
  • Betterment – she’s currently the co-director of the Foundation for Community Betterment (with Darla!) as well as the marketing chair. She’s also co-chaired the past two Rocktoberfest fundraisers for the organization
  • Volunteering at Portage Collaborative Montessori School – she’s currently the yearbook editor and organizer of school skating parties (who doesn’t love a good skate party?)
  • Reading a book though she admits to having a bad habit of starting a book and walking away from it for months at a time
  • Playing board games (she might also have a little bit of an addiction to buying board games for her kids)

Little known facts…

  • She’s a Pinterest junkie – she loves trying out recipes, crafts (although she claims she’s not crafty) and organization techniques (find them on her board: Pinteresting Updates)
  • She loathes buffets
  • Her first five working years were spent at Kentucky Fried Chicken – coincidentally, working the buffet
  • She tells people that she “gently stalked” TKG for a while before actually applying for this job (we’re glad she did)
  • She once marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, sandwiched between a singing Joey Lawrence and Santa Claus

Skills & Expertise:

  • E-commerce
  • Web marketing strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics & Adwords
  • Social strategy
  • Wordsmithery

Where she gained knowledge & experience:

Chellsea went to high school at Woodland Hills in Pittsburgh, PA and college at Thiel College in Greenville, PA. She’s had jobs in varying industries, such as scales, tires, security software and ATM/Bank supplies (yep, ask her anything). Most recently, she managed an e-commerce site for a large company and really had a chance to dig into web marketing.

Favorite Places on the Web:

People First. Digital Always.
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