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About Us

We believe in one simple thing at The Karcher Group: that together, we can do better.

Whether that’s in the way we work within our teams, the way we invest in our families and communities, or the way we help your business grow through the power of the Web, we think partnerships work best.


The Karcher Group Expands to Columbia, South Carolina

Our digital agency partners primarily with businesses in the Northeast Ohio region and the Greater Columbia, SC region (though we have great clients from all over the country, too).

Each community features a lot of the companies that make America “go,” like specialized manufacturers, niche startups and organizations that’ve been doing the right thing by their customers well before the ‘net was born.

These types of gritty, “work up a sweat” businesses are our specialty. In fact, the more “behind the scenes” a company is, the more fun it is for us to put the Web to work for you.

Take a look at some of our latest case studies, or contact us to chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

People First. Digital Always.
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